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  • Features

    Hydraulic system

    High quality imported hydraulic components;

    With the multi-way valve tailored for JinGong wheeled excavator, it has great power and faster speed. 

    The combined movement time of arm swing and lifting is short, which improves the work efficiency.

    The dozer blade and the outrigger cylinders are mounted with a hydraulic lock to prevent internal leakage of the cylinder.

    Safe operating system

    The structural parts adopt finite element analysis to reduce stress concentration, and the strength of the whole machine is more reliable.

    Under the parking mode, the four wheels are locked, and the machine is more stable during operation.

    Electronic automatic parking. When the engine is turned off, it realizes automatic parking at the same time, which ensures the parking safety.

    Operating space

    The gear lever is placed in the front for easy operation.

    The side-mounted instruments can fully monitor the working status of the whole machine.

    The functional switches are centrally arranged and can be easily selected through the rocker switch buttons.

    The ergonomic cab is beautiful, designed with a wide view and exquisite interior.

    The steering wheel has a wide adjustment range, equipped with air conditioner as standard, it is more comfortable to operate.

    Service and maintenance

    The upper frame is widened, which increases the space for service and maintenance.

    The boom pin dismantle hole enables easy assembly and disassembly.

    The side-open front hood is more convenient for the daily maintenance of the multi-way valve and piping.

    Power system

    Equipped with engine of National III standards, it has strong power and reduces the fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

    The high and low temperature areas of the engine are separated by a partition; and the intake air enters the low temperature area, providing a better heat dissipation effect for the whole machine.

  • Parameter

    Machine weight kg7220
    Bucket capacity m³0.3
    Rated power/revs kW|rpm55/2200
    Displacement mL3298
    Max torque N●M275
    Max digging force kN33
    Gradeability °30
    Slewing speed r/min0~10
    Travel speed km/h0~30
    Machine size mm6140×2140×2910
    Min. ground clearance mm320
    Tail swing radius mm1820
    Wheelbase mm2380
    Wheel tread mm1670
    Max digging height mm6790
    Max digging depth mm3550
    Max digging radius mm6460
    Max dump height mm4790
    Max ground dig distance mm6240
    Max bulldozing depth mm220
    Max bulldozing height mm560
    Boom length mm3400
    Arm length mm1750
    Dozer blade width mm2200
    Fuel tank volume L120
    Hydraulic tank volume L140
    The structure and parameters are subject to change without prior notice due to technical progress. If the sample product is different from the actual product in some way, the actual product shall prevail.
  • Optional components

  • Standard configuration