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  • Features


    Excellent work efficiency and outstanding price/performance ratio.

    Simple operation, compact and flexible, convenient transportation, and adapted to narrow work conditions.

    Equipped with dozer blade as standard, it can be used in the grading and backfilling work, and it also improves the overall stability.

    It can replace attachments quickly, capable of excavation, crushing, trench clearing, drilling, bulldozing and other functions, which greatly improves the machine utilization rate.


    Pilot operating System

    Adjustable bulldozing plate

    Optional breaker and piping

    Smooth, quick and powerful digging operations 

    Outstanding durability

  • Parameter

    Machine weight kg2800
    Bucket capacity m³0.1(Standard bucket)
    Rated engine power/revs kW/rpm20/2200
    Hydraulic system pressure Mpa18
    Overall length (transport status) mm4600
    Basic width mm1420/1480
    Platform width mm1160
    Total height mm2262
    Ground clearance of platform mm510
    Height of engine hood mm1280
    Min. ground clearance mm250
    Tail swing radius mm1252
    Wheel tread mm1400
    Track length mm1800
    Standard track width mm280
    Travel speed km/h2.7
    Slewing speed rpm12
    Standard ground pressure kPa32
    Max traction kN20
    Bucket max digging force kN16.2
    Arm max digging force kN11
    Max digging radius mm4880
    Max digging depth mm2760
    Max digging height mm4590
    Max dump height mm3300
    Max digging reach on ground mm4800
    Digging radius at max height mm2670
    Max bulldozing depth mm370
    Max bulldozing height mm230
    Fuel tank volume L23
    Hydraulic tank volume L58
    Coolant volume L3.4
    Engine oil volume L5
    The structure and parameters are subject to change without prior notice due to technical progress. If the sample product is different from the actual product in some way, the actual product shall prevail.
  • Optional components

  • Standard configuration