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  • Features

    Equipped with Weichai WP10 National III electronic-control high pressure common rail engine, it features low speed torque, energy saving and environmental protection.

    Special transmission and special heavy duty drive axle for telehandler independently developed by JinGong for reasonable matching of the drive system.

    Double pump conflux, steering priority hydraulic system features high efficiency and low energy consumption.

    Full hydraulic coaxial flow steering amplification system enables light and flexible  steering, and reliable work.

    The hydraulic fuel tank uses high-precision paper filter element in the oil suction and oil return pipeline, which ensures the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.

    It improves the reliability of the hydraulic system by using hydraulic accessories of high standards and new technologies in the industry.

    The cooling system for the whole machine is optimized and the heat dissipation effect is good, ensuring the stability and reliability of the machine under harsh working conditions.

    Optimized design of working devices for high lifting ability; the structural parts are subject to finite element analysis for good overall stability.

    Chassis of high ground clearance and large departure angle of counterweight enable high gradeability, which makes it adaptable to various complicated working conditions.

    The service brake adopts air-over-hydraulic caliper disc brake, and the parking brake adopts flexible shaft controlled caliper brake.

    The engine support adopts frame-supported suspension system, which greatly improves vibration absorption and noise reduction ability. 

    The cab features wide view, luxury interiors, and elastic bi-directional shock absorption, which greatly improves driver comfort and operational safety.

    Intelligent instruments system offers real time monitoring of the overall working conditions.

    Adapted to modern exploration technology, it can easily pry and load the rough stone blocks, which reduces labor cost and labor intensity.

    Three power modes: “heavy load”, “medium load” and “light load” can be selected according to different working conditions to achieve fuel economy and consumption reduction.

  • Parameter



    Machine weight kg


    Max. Load (fork height ≤1600mm) kg


    Load center distance mm


    Max. Lifting height mm


    Fork size (LxWxH) mm


    Fork spacing mm


    Machine size  (LxWxH) mm


    Min. turning radius mm


    Min. ground clearance mm


    Wheelbase mm


    Departure angle °


    Max. traction kN


    Travel spee

    Forward gear I km/h


    Forward gear II km/h


    Reverse gear I km/h


    Total cycle time s


    Engine power kW


    Fuel tank volume L


    Hydraulic oil tank volume L


    The structure and parameters are subject to change without prior notice due to technical progress. If the sample product is different from the actual product in some way, the actual product shall prevail.

  • Optional components

    Cooling and heating air conditioner, special bucket, tire protection chain.

  • Standard configuration

    Weichai Power WP10 National III electronic control low revs engine.

    JinGong ZL751FL special low revs planetary power shift transmission for low speed telehandler.

    Single-stage four-element double turbine hydraulic torque converter.

    Special heavy duty drive axle (three calipers at one side) independently made by JinGong.

    Pilot control.

    Sunshade curtain, silk enclosure mat, heater, etc.

    New aluminum water tank, with intercooler, torque converter oil cooler and hydraulic oil cooler.

    New type waterproof connector harness, intelligent instruments, fuel sensor, GPS.